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Chrony shm

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. 以上是大佬教程为你收集整理的12Linux之进程管理全部内容,希望文章能够帮你解决12Linux之进程管理所遇到的程序开发问题。. SHM refclock driver.


1 refid NMEA refclock PPS /dev/pps0 refid PPS refclock SOCK /var/run/chrony. The software package chrony relies on other programs (such as gpsd) to access the timing data via the SHM or SOCK driver. . This patchset fixes a bug in man page, adds a new servo for the chrony SOCK refclock protocol as a more secure alternative to the NTP SHM (the commit message describes the issue), and updates timemaster to use it.

sock, but will be used to pass timing information to chronyd that is derived from the serial (likely NMEA) timing. I have something like this in my chrony. . Oracle Database 19c (19.

0. Similar to chrony. . com/questions/43666910/remove-docker-repository-on-remote-dock.

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It can also act as an NTPv4 (RFC 5905) server and peer, allowing other computers on the network to receive timely updates. The full online repo contains too many changes to be listed here. ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES.


I ran Chrony in a VM for several weeks, compared it with Chrony on a Raspberry Pi. 2 PodmanでのOracle RAC用のターゲット構成. All of the above can be used to augment chrony with additional high quality time.

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Dec 28, 2021 · Chrony是网络时间协议(NTP)的一种实现,是一个类Unix系统上NTP客户端和服务器的替代品。Chrony客户端可以与NTP servers同步系统时间,也可以与参考时钟(例如:GPS接受设备)进行同步,还与手动输入的时间进行同步。
Chrony Directory DNS Query eBPF EthTool IPMI_Sensor NetStat NtpQ Processes ProcStat Scheck (安全巡检) 数据存储 数据存储 Aerospike ClickHouse
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